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Bales of cedar mulch

Ballots de paillis de cèdre

For heavy work and to minimize bag handling, SBC now offers 100% cedar mulch in 2.5 and 5 cubic yard bales. Available in our 4 colors, these bales are delivered on pallets to facilitate their movement.



10 years after winning the company's Gold Distinction "Jarret noir" of the year at the same gala, SBC returned to the Gala de l'Entreprise Beauceronne this year and was awarded the Women's Vision Award - Non-traditional careers, which rewards company's that promote the integration of women into traditionally male occupations.

Historically, there were no women working in SBC plants. Today, about 20% are women. The speed, the meticulousness and the concern for a job well done are all qualities that distinguish them.

"I am very proud of what has become SBC and I want to thank the whole team for working so hard each day," said Rita Rancourt, President.

SBC Sidewall Select - The widest shingles

SBC Sidewall Select - The widest shingles

Always listening to its customers, SBC demonstrates its leadership again by offering eight (8) of its stock colors in a single grade Sidewall Select (mix of Extra A and Clear B):

  • Sea Shell
  • Green Tea Leaf
  • Nantucket Gray
  • Montauk Sand
  • Weathering Stain
  • Bleaching Oil
  • Naturaltone
  • Pro-Prime

By avoiding edging Extra A and Clear B, Sidewall Select shingles are the perfect sidewall solution . They are not only free from defects on the exposed surface but also wider for faster installation. This unique grade helps SBC's customers simplify inventory management. Sidewall Select, another SBC innovation.

Purchase of a mill in New Brunswick in July 2015.

Nouvel achat - Nouveau-Brunswick

SBC is proud to announce the purchase of the Northwest Cedar mill in Saint-André New Brunswick. This investment is part of our long-term growth strategy. The plant will be modernized in the coming months to meet increasing customer demands.

To all our new employees and partners welcome to the SBC team!

SBC Work Shelf : Why not be well-organized?

SBC Work Shelf (PDF)

SBC Work Shelf (PDF)

Easy to use, the SBC Work Shelf is a temporary system that allows you to have your cedar shingles and tools at your fingertips while working. It also has multiple outside decorating uses.
SBC, always one step ahead!


Easy Installation Tool

SBC innovates again with its Easy Installation Tool that can help you install shingles & shakes up to three times faster than with traditional methods!  Say ''goodbye'' to all those extra nail holes to color-match and fill; so long measuring leveling and snapping chalk lines on every course after course after course…
With our new Easy Installation Tool, installing shakes & shingles has never been faster and easier!  It works on both sidewall and roofing, with wood (white & red cedar) and composites shingles.


The Expert
Volume 1, Number 3

As you know, at SBC we specialize in cedar shingles. We are constantly innovating and making every necessary effort to better ourselves, because customer satisfaction is our priority. In this issue, you will find more examples of how we are the Cedar Shingle Expert. From our unique Easy Nailing System, to our new touch up kits and our exclusive Enviro Bleach stain, we prove time and time again that we listen to your needs and deliver what you want.

We are always looking for ways to grow and 2012 will be no different with several new projects on the go… Rest assured we will keep you posted!


The Expert
Volume 1, Number 2

Welcome to the second issue of the Expert. Since spring, we have witnessed an overwhelming increase in our subscribers. We are happy to hear from you. All the feedback we gather helps us maintain our position as quality leader in the industry. Keep them coming! Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your business partners who could be interested in knowing more about our cedar shingles.


SBC Enviro Bleach

As part of our green involvement, SBC now offers pre-finished shingles with Enviro Bleach stain, EXCLUSIVE to SBC.

In today’s world of stricter environmental regulations, oil based finishes are increasingly being replaced by more environmentally friendly products. For this reason, and because of our position as the QUALITY leader in the white cedar industry, SBC has teamed up with a major worldwide stain manufacturer to develop Enviro Bleach stain.

Enviro Bleach is a unique green formulation that replicates the look and performance of comparable oil based stains with the features and benefits of an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY finish.


The Expert
Volume 1, Number 1

We are proud to welcome you to The Expert, a new e-newsletter from SBC. Over the course of the past few years we have received numerous requests from distributors, retailers, builders and architects interested in more information about our cedar shingles and other industry news. After giving it some thought, we decided that the best way to communicate this information was through this e-newsletter.

The Expert will be sent to you 3 to 4 times a year. It will contain some articles about our new products and achievements, as well as market trends, technical information and expert studies. We will also take this opportunity to create contests with prizes to win. We hope you enjoy the content that we are providing and encourage you to contact us about any improvements we can make and ideas or subjects you want us to write about.

Click here to receive our free newsletter by mail.


Easy Nailing System

One of the key components to cedar shingle performance is proper nail placement. For this purpose, SBC has come up with the Easy Nailing System to quickly guide the installer for perfect nail alignment, regardless of exposure. Another SBC innovation from the cedar shingle experts.

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