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Sidewall Select : why choosing this cedar shingle grade?

November 30th 2020

A few years ago, we introduced a new and exclusive white cedar shingle grade for siding : the Sidewall Select.

What is Sidewall Select ?

It is actually a blend of grade Extra “A”, which has no imperfection, and Clear “B”, which has no imperfection on the exposed surface (up to 6″). Once installed, you will not see the difference.

Sawyers sometimes need to edge the shingle to get these grades (Extra and Clear). As a result, we obtain 2 shingles and 2 different grades from one piece of wood. But for Sidewall Select, edging is not necessary. You get Extra and Clear in one shingle, and therefore, wider shingles.

Watch the video   to better understand how it’s made.  

Why Sidewall Select ?

Historically, white cedar shingle grade Extra “A” was used for roofing and Clear “B” for siding, but today there is almost no white cedar used on roofs. As a result, Extra “A” grade is not as much a requirement as it was before. Furthermore, log diameter has also decreased with time.

By creating Sidewall Select, we responded to some of the industry challenges, such as the shingle width and inventory management, without sacrificing appearance, quality and warranties.

Dealers: reasons to choose Sidewall Select.

All of our products, whether they are stock or custom colors, are now available exclusively in Sidewall Select. Thanks to that, our products are readily available, simplifying your inventory management. 

No need for two grades when you can have the best of both! With Sidewall Select, say goodbye to all the confusion between Extra and Clear. You get one unique grade of cedar shingle siding, knot-free on the exposed surface up to 6” from the butt.

Architects, designers, contractors and installers: we have you in mind!

Yes, you can get wider shingles for a better look! It can also mean reduced installation time and less fasteners.

And, as we manufacture our Sidewall Select shingles in a wide range of colors and finishes, complete your project easily and benefit from all of SBC cedar’s advantages.

Find your local dealer on our map and specify SBC, because only the best will do!  


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