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We work proactively for a green future!

Sustainable development and respect for the environment are fundamental values at SBC, and they guide our business decisions. Thereby, we constantly seek innovations in both products and processes of the future.


Cedar is a sustainable and renewable resource

Unlike synthetic products, wood is a renewable and biodegradable natural resource. Cedar is a very high quality species with unique properties that stand the test of time and make the shingle very durable.




The forest has been part of our lives for generations and we are committed to its responsible management, thereby ensuring a perpetual supply for future generations. The cedar logs we use mostly come from certified forests. In addition, the vast majority of our stains are water-based, as are our mulch dyes, which are also environmentally friendly.

To better understand the FSC certification,

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scieTechnology-optimized yield

Our innovations and unique manufacturing processes enable us to maximize material yield. From the use of artificial vision to cut shingles, through the kiln drying of the wood, and to the careful recovery of each grade, everything is designed to optimize the resource.


Because of our location and our manufacturing processes, our customers benefit from LEED criteria when using our shingles in their projects:

  • Regional supply and manufacturing
  • Certified wood
  • Insulating factor of cedar
  • Factory finished
  • 100% acrylic stain

To know all the details about LEED® certification,

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Browse LEED Canada page


Recycle and Reuse recycle

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint, and we are proud to operate a 100% integrated production site where we transform all of our waste product into cedar mulch. We regularly invest in energy saving projects and all of our packaging is made from recycled cardboard or plastic.

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