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This page was created to keep you posted about our products and also to give you some tips and advice regarding the installation and maintenance of your cedar shingle siding.

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Sidewall Select : why choosing this cedar shingle grade?

November 30th 2020

A few years ago, we introduced a new and exclusive white cedar shingle grade for siding : the Sidewall Select. What is Sidewall Select ? It is actually a blend of grade Extra “A”, which has no imperfection, and Clear “B”, which has no imperfection on the exposed surface (up to 6″). Once installed, you […]

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Why is it important to leave enough space between cedar shingles?

November 27th 2020

From one season to another, wood expands and contracts. As a result, it is common for some cedar shingles to slightly move. After all, that is part of its charm!

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Maintain your Enviro Bleach cedar shingles siding in 2 steps

November 23rd 2020

10 years ago, we were the first to introduce an environmental option to oil-based weathering agents: the Enviro Bleach was born. This hybrid weathering agent has quickly become a benchmark for our customers who want the classic silver shade of weathered shingle. A lot may have happened in 10 years, how about the maintenance of […]

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