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More than just cedar shingles: that is the SBC flexibility!

In order to meet everyone's needs, we distribute a variety of complementary products to help you install your siding. Because we optimize the use of our raw materials, we also manufacture cedar by-products for multiple uses.

pieces installation

Install your shingles
3x faster
with the SBC Easy Installation Tool

This revolutionary tool was marketed in 2012 and has since proven itself! Installing cedar shingles has never been easier or faster. Sold in a set of 2 or boxes of 24 packages, this tool does almost all the alignment work. That means more time to complete the rest of your project. Why work without it?

To know how to use the Easy Installation Tool, watch the video or download the visual guide.

Why you should use the Installation Tool?


High-level precision

Adjust your exposure quickly and accurately using the built-in graduated ruler adjustable to the width of your board.


Clean alignment

Say goodbye to chalk lines to clean or exposed nail holes left by temporary wood slats.


A flexible and durable tool

You can use if for multiple projects involving all types of cedar shingles, both on walls and roofs, thanks to its sturdy, durable design.


Ventilation membranes
for shingles that breathe

Maximize the lifespan of your cedar shingles with a simple yet effective solution: ensuring proper ventilation beneath them. In the past, wooden laths were the go-to option, but today, we have a superior alternative known as ventilation membranes. With a range of products available on the market, two leading choices stand out: Mortairvent® and Home Slicker® (for walls), along with CedAir-Mat® or Cedar Breather® (for roofs). By incorporating these innovative membranes, you'll experience improved drainage and enhanced ventilation for your wall and roof systems, ultimately adding years to their longevity. The best part? It's incredibly easy to use—simply lay your shingles over the membrane and reap the benefits.


SBC cedar shingle touch up paint

Touch-up stains
for a flawless finish

Shingles often have to be cut during installation, such as when finishing wall corners or when working around windows. If you have chosen factory-stained shingles, it is important to do the necessary touch-ups using the same stain. At SBC, our stains are available in liter, gallon or handy SBC touch-up kits. Simply contact the store where you bought the shingles. 

1001 uses for shims

Whether for your construction, renovation or artistic projects, we distribute 100% cedar shims and 10/10 undercourse manufactured from the low-grade shingles at the end of the manufacturing process.

bardeaux ajustement

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cedres paquets

Cedar mulches to beautify and protect your landscaping

What could be better than vegetation to beautify your property? SBC cedar mulch adds a finishing touch to your landscaping while also providing protection. It comes 100% from raw material recovery. You have the option of a fresh product, entirely made on one site, distributed all across Quebec, Ontario, and a part of the USA. Choose from among 4 colors:

natural cedar


2 cubic feet (56L) bags | 3 cubic feet (85L) bags



black cedar


2 cubic feet (56L) bags | 3 cubic feet (85L) bags



Brown Cedar


2 cubic feet (56L) bags | 3 cubic feet (85L) bags



Red Cedar


2 cubic feet (56L) bags | 3 cubic feet (85L) bags



The benefits of SBC cedar mulch


Retains soil moisture and reduces the need for watering


Repels some insects


Limits the presence of weeds


Protects roots against frost or drought


100% recovered cedar


Contains natural, non-toxic coloring

Cedar wood fiber for playgrounds, both fun and safe

Protect your kids from unfortunate falls at the playground. Our playground cedar fiber is filtered during manufacturing, which gives it a fibrous and softer texture providing extra protection at play time. As a bonus, it is made from 100% natural cedar and is a non-toxic product. It is no coincidence that SBC cedar fiber can be found at many public parks, schools, and daycares today.

2 cubic feet (56L) bags

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cedre fibre

fabricant bardeaux cedres

Dress up your project with distinction

Choose from our premium natural or factory-stained cedar shingles

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