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At SBC, we are committed to providing you with superior quality products. SBC cedar shingles have many advantages, such as durability, manufacturing superiority and ease and speed of installation. Available in natural wood or in different colors and finishes, you'll find the style of shingle that suits your taste and budget. We also provides you with the flexibility of creating a custom cedar shingle color of your choice.


bardeau cedre blanc naturel


Natural White Cedar


bardeau cedre blanc teint usine


Factory-Finished White Cedar


bardeau cedre blanc decoratif

cedre decoratif


Designer Shape White Cedar


bardeau cedre rouge ouest

bardeau cedre rouge


Factory-Finished Red Cedar


Why choose SBC white cedar shingles?

bardeau droit

The straightest shingle
on the market

Precision-cut for 2 parallel sides and a perfectly squared butt

bardeau large

Cut 15% wider
than industry standard

A minimum width of 3 7/16 in



Graded on both sides instead of just 1, an SBC exclusivity


Stability of wood
and a durable finish

Proprietary dehumidification drying and a unique dipping process for stain application



Enjoy a complete easy installation system, including the embossed nail line


A long-term

Covered by our industry best Peace of Mind warranty program

Also available from SBC

Thanks to our 100% integrated plant in which there is no loss of raw material, we manufacture shims, 10/10 undercourse and cedar mulch to beautify your flowerbeds. We are always at your service, and we offer other products to facilitate shingle installation.

bardeau cointage


Shims & Utility Shingles

paillis cedre


Horticultural Mulch

installation bardeau cedre


Installation Accessories

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