Le Spécialiste du bardeau de cèdre

La qualité au naturel!

Cèdre blanc de l'est

The warmth and beauty of a house  made of Eastern white cedar shingles  show how proud the owner is.

Eastern white cedar

A renewable resource in high demand.

  • Ideal material for outside siding
  • Interesting scent for inside application
  • Very good thermal insulating and acoustic property
  • Contains natural oils that offer an exceptional resistance against:
    • Molding
    • Decay
    • Insects
  • Stable and extremely long-lasting wood
  • Does not require any preservative product or maintenance
  • The lightest wood species in Canada
  • Can be easily nailed without cracking
  • Paint and stain easily adhere
  • Natural alternative to treated wood

All advanced research in technology have not been able to duplicate wood’s unique characteristics and performance capabilities.

The cedar’s natural variations of shades, its fine grain and its soft texture cannot be reproduced with plastic or composites.

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