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Shingle and Shake Installation Tool by SBC Shingle and Shake Installation Tool by SBC

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

With our new Easy Installation Tool, installing shakes & shingles has never been faster and easier!

Say “goodbye” to all those extra nail holes to color-match and fill; so long measuring, leveling and snapping chalk lines on every course after course after course…

SBC innovates again with its Easy Installation Tool that can help you install shingles & shakes up to three times faster than with traditional methods!

It works on both sidewall and roofing, with wood (white and red cedar) and composite shingles.

SBC Easy installation tool

Installation movie

Watch the video

Install Shakes and Shilgles up to 3X Faster!

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Step 1
    Install your first double course row of shingles as you normally would, and then slide
    the Easy Installation Tools retention legs up under the top course row.
  • Step 2
    Insert your ledger board (pre-ripped to desired course width exposure)
    into the Easy Installation Tools.
  • Step 3
    Using top edge of ledger board as your guide, install next course of shingles.
    Then simply remove and reinstall the Easy Installation Tools and ledger board as you move across and up the wall or roof, adjusting your level as needed – using fine-tuning knobs and built-in measure.

This new tool completes our SBC Easy Installation System that includes our:

Wider shingles

Easy Nailing System

An embossed “nail line” into each shingle to provide an instant visual guide for fastener placement.

Easy Nailing System

Pre-stained touch up kits

Small bottles of paint easy to carry
and use. Simply give them a shake, remove the cap and apply the stain to the desired area.

Grading on both faces

Truest R&R shingles
on the market

Shingle and Shake Installation Tool by SBC

    Made from 1074 annealed spring steel and coated with black zinc electroplate finish.


    Etched gradient ruler.


    1 ½’’ black polyethylene knob with brass insert allows for the fine-tuning of course width adjustments.


    ¼"-20 stainless steel self-clinching pem stud.

Tips for adjusting the tooth

Different finishes and hardness of wood shingles, or different course heights will cause the anchor tooth to either slide down or sometimes be too tight to insert under your course of shingles. If the Installation Tool is slipping, place the anchor leg of the jig with tooth down on a soft block of wood and tap the inside of the tooth with a nailset. This will cause the tooth to protrude more, giving it a better bite. If the installation tool is too tight, place the anchor leg on a soft block of wood, tooth facing up. Tap the tooth with a hammer to decrease its size, making it easier to install.

Specifications (model 2011A)

  • Tool: 6-1/2" x 1-1/2" (sold in packages of 2)
  • Box: 19-1/2’’ x 13-1/2" x 8-1/2" H (include 24 sets of tools)
  • Merchandiser displays available: With rack and video or just the header with video

With SBC shingles, installation is quick, clean and easy.
Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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