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Siding and Roofing Shingles

Cedar shingle: often imitated,  but never equalled…  such as SBC!

Factory-stained shingle

A quality product which offers peace of mind

In collaboration with PPG/Olympic®, SBC offers factory-stained cedar shingle. In the process of drying, shingles are dehumidified and individually dipped for a maximum penetration and a standardized finish. This unique process, allows SBC to offer a 10-year warranty (1 coat of stain) and 25 years (2 coats of stain), the best long-term warranty program of the industry – See section on Warranties. No application can be compared to a factory application, in terms of finish quality and durability. SBC factory-stained shingles and custom colors will make you save time and money. In fact, it costs less to apply the finish at the factory than at installation. Time and waste are minimized.

Choice of finishes

  • Solid stain, 1 coat or 2 coats - Choice of colors that let you perceive the wood texture
  • Semi-transparent stain - Choice of colors that let you see the wood grain and texture (available with Olympic colors only)
  • Transparent (Maximum Naturaltone Cedar, oil) - To add a slight hint of color
  • Aging stain (Weathering Stain, Bleaching Oil, Enviro Bleach) – see section Aging stained shingles


  • Solid stain: 10 years (1 coat) and 25 years (2 coats) on stain, and 2 years (1 coat) and 5 years (2 coats) on labor against flaking and peeling
  • Semi-transparent stain (1 coat only): 5 years on stain and 1 year on labor against flaking and peeling
  • Maximum Naturaltone Cedar, oil: 3 years on stain against graying
  • Wood decay: 30 years on wood and 5 years on labor

*  Warranties only apply to factory-stained shingles used for wall application.

Our association with PPG/Olympic® offers peace of mind because they are the world leader in machine applied coatings. Therefore, we can offer:

  • Top quality stained shingles
  • First quality stain with unequalled protection
  • Long-lasting and attractive colors
  • An everlasting quality
  • A matchless warranty
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About our stains

Solvent content The safest product for the environment which contains very few volatile organic components. Contains petroleum based solvents, with a high degree of volatile organic components (VOC).
Adherence Maximum adherence particularly when used on new wood. Is suitable for peeling surface which has already been stained. Does not adhere on new wood as well as latex stain.
Long-lasting Top protection. Stain film remains flexible for many years following the movement of siding. When it oxides, the stain film becomes hard and breakable. With time, it can cause cracking, peeling and blistering.
Mold Resistant

Does not contain any nutrient for mold development.

Contains a natural source of mold
Lasting color Resistance to direct sunrays is superior to oil stain.

Tends to absorb UV rays, which cause premature cracking, peeling and blistering.

Waterproof Finish that breathes. It allows evaporation and draining of the water that is contained in the siding, but without cracking, peeling or blistering.

Usually waterproof to evaporation. Does not allow draining of the moisture that is contained in siding.

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