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Our clients’ satisfaction when providing  high quality products, respecting the environment  and business partners. SBC: A selected supplier.

Four generations of experience and expertise

lorem Le Spécialiste du bardeau de cèdre inc. (SBC) is a family business, specialized in the manufacturing of Eastern white cedar shingles. Founded in 1996 by Mrs. Rita Rancourt, SBC managers today are part of 3rd and 4th generations who have worked in the cedar shingle industry. From its start, the business has constantly evolved in order to see beyond its customers’ expectations. Several transformations have contributed to the enterprise integration: increasing production, improving quality, adding value-added products (special-cut, kiln dried, and factory stained shingles) and adding a mulch bagging plant. Now well-known as a leader in the field of cedar industry, SBC is proud of its unique site where 100% of its products are manufactured.

Quality is prominent at all levels

loremSBC’s success is based on product quality and customer satisfaction. Quality insurance goes from cedar harvesting to the delivery of finished products. SBC personnel, service and installations all contribute to the manufacturing of quality finished products, to which the company is proud to affix its name. All shingle products are stored in wharehouses to shelter them from the elements. Finally, shingles and mulch are delivered to customers in a timely fashion, according to the agreed schedule.

Raw materials: a recipe for high quality

SBC gets its supplies uniquely from Canadian and American suppliers who share its preoccupation with the environment. Raw materials are carefully selected, productivity is constantly improved with modern equipments which maximize the use of resources and eliminate waste, thus insuring optimal efficiency.

A cutting-edge technology

lorem SBC’s modern installations results from the efforts the company makes to maintain a cutting-edge technology. On the lookout for innovations, there are regular investments in research and development projects and in the design of new equipments. As a result, SBC can offer resistant and value-added products, in a way to provide peace of mind to customers. A line of specialized equipment for rebutting and resquaring, packaging and staining have been developped throughout the years. These are all reasons why SBC is a leader in its industry.

Acknowledgements and social involvement

SBC actively participates in the region’s economic and social development. Here are various activities they contribute to: promotions, training programs and funding of charity organizations.

In the past years, SBC has received awards and honors.

Jarrets 2017

2009 Fidéides Award

2009 Etchemins Award

Mérite Commercial Desjardins

Jarrets 2007

Relais pour la vie

Maison Catherine de Longpré

La Fondation du Centre hospitalier Beauce-Etchemin

Société canadienne du cancer

Fondation Maurice Tanguay




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